Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent 1A

Once upon again,
We’re gonna hear the story
This epic tale we’re written in
By the very King of Glory

All hell has broken loose
It’s trying to get its licks in.
But its fury cannot hold
When Creation’s Master kicks in

Spirit, Life, Truth, Light,
Inbreaking God of all,
Maker, Taker, Creator, Guide,
You enter, and you call.

On the mount, you’ll shake the spot
We’ll stream in far and wide.
From age to age—from young to old
Your Glory you’ll not hide.

To your house we’ll gather, God
Cast crowns around your throne.
What are we that with us here
You’d choose to make your home?

Once upon again,
The story doth unfold
About the living, loving God
Who grew hands for us to hold.

Make us fit—re-make our lives
In living, loving trust,
Lifting the lost—embracing the least
In the WAY you’ve given us.

Father, Son, and Spirit three,
Unending praises given.
Coming God, our hope’s in you
Your presence, indeed, is heaven

Once upon again
We’re gonna hear the story
The coming of God the Son
Eternal King of Glory

Come, Lord Jesus, Come. Amen.

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